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about us

  • We are the largest towel manufacturer in Malaysia with a long history of producing towels, dating back to 1968. We are located in Penang State of Malaysia, whose capital, Geogetown, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008 and is No. 4 in Lonely Planet's Top 10 Cities list for Best in Travel 2016.


  • Teri Towel seeks to produce and promote natural cotton, quality, and trustworthy towel products. We work hard to achieve quality at fair and reasonable prices for our customers through optimising our production line and building long-term supplier relationships.
    We have a simple business model: Design with customers’ needs in mind. To reach more customers, our products must be of good quality and price competitive.


  • Today, we employ nearly 70 employees. Some of our employees have been serving over 30 years.



    We provide one-stop shop services for producing terry towels from design, weaving, bleaching & dyeing, finishing and packaging. We are equipped with weaving looms capable for making jacquard interwoven and dobby border towels. We also provide embroidery and printing towels.